Meet the team


Leonard Rwai Kanyesigye

Founder & Team Leader

Even when you have gone through the storm, there will always be an unseen storm that rages on in the inside of you. My heart goes out to everyone battling with pain that those around them can not understand.

Thats why, with the help of my collegues, we began Broken Vessel. Whereas we are creating awareness about mental health and giving care to the depressed.

Our message is one of love, hope and a better tomorrow


Desire Ndikwani

Co-Founder & Financial Aid Representative

I am glad to be part of an initiative that offers support and a listening ear to those who need it. We all have seasons that are slower than others; I know I could've really used something like this when I went through them. I identify with these struggles and I want to be for someone else what I needed during those moments.

Broken Vessel is a step out of a thousand in the right direction and I'm lucky and extremely honoured to have my name attached to something of its kind.


Judith Kainembabazi

Co-Founder & Director incharge of Volunteer Relations

My heart goes out to those who have suffered mental anguish. My dream is to lift and comfort those that may be held in silence for fear of stigma.

Broken vessel has given me the opportunity to encourage and instill new hope in individuals going through depression or related situations.