Getting started as a listener

Broken Vessel Listeners are the most important people in our vision. As a listener, you get the opportunity and platform to share "a touch" of care and love to those feeling depressed

What you are starting however is not something we take lightly. We are entrusting you with someone's emotional state so this message is a check of whether you are up for it

Take Note of these

As a listener, it's important we understand you are fine. And as a result,

  • We shall once in a while invite you for a meet and greet just so that we spend time with you.
  • You shall be paired with in a group of five other listeners so that you watch over yourselves.
  • When you are not doing well, it is important to us that you heal, so please let us know of your emotional availability incase of pairments
  • Every week you shall submit a report on the progress of your Vessel, this helps us keep track of their progress as well

We have a strict policy towards privacy and confidentiality. If you haven't yet read about it, please head over to our terms and conditions page to avoid being caught on the wrong side of it.