Goals and Objectives

Mental Health Awareness

We aim to spread mental health awareness.Educating people about mental health, would impact how people think of others dealing with mental health issues.

Take care of the depressed

Through our listener program, we want to reach out to as many people as possible and remind them that they are not alone. This is aimed to stopping any deaths by suicide

Shared Experiences

Using our community social site, we want to give a platform and a voice to everyone. We believe that everyone is in a position to encourage someone out there..

Get Involved - Join as a Listener Volunteer

Broken Vessel Listeners are the most important people in our vision. As a listener, you get the opportunity and platform to share "a touch" of care and love to those feeling depressed

How does it work?

Once you sign up, you have to take a mandatory active listener course to equip you for this role. You then join a group of listeners who are randomly paired by our system with someone whom you will be able to stand with, encourage and help them out of it.Sounds exciting, right?

Get Involved - Provide ProBorno Professional Services

We understand that not everyone can be a listener, but that does not exclude you from playing a part. Whether you are:

  • Doctor
  • Lawyer
  • Social Worker
  • And more

We know some of the issues affecting people depressed can not go away just by listening, sometimes actual professionals are needed Reach out to us about how you can be involved and we shall work with your terms

Other ways to Get Involved

Financial partner

Help us pay over 70% of the bill for those medically diagnoised with mental health related illness.

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Like our page and share our content to help us reach more people.

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Counsellors and Therapists

We are looking for counsellors and therapists to work with.

Join Our WhatsApp

Join and share your opinion or experience about life on our weekly topics. It may inspire someone

Prayer Community

Join and dedicate one day in a month to meet and pray for those who have reached out to us.

Get Involved today

Don't wait for someone close to you to get into depression for you to start caring